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this will keep you busy for te night

so i scoured youporn for all facial clips under 1 minute and made some notes as to content. enjoy, and don't cum too quick.

http://youporn.com/watch/56689 - brunette,
http://youporn.com/watch/8407 - she sucks the cock that was just in her ass
http://youporn.com/watch/42153 - she drools out the cum
http://youporn.com/watch/42154 - dripping of her chin
http://youporn.com/watch/25559 - average looking girl takes it like a champ
http://youporn.com/watch/20513 - huge splash on blonde
http://youporn.com/watch/52800 - brunette, decent spray, average
http://youporn.com/watch/49416 - brunette, nice and gooey
http://youporn.com/watch/62653 - pretty, brunette, small tits, big load
http://youporn.com/watch/23882 - blonde, clothed, glasses
http://youporn.com/watch/80768 - brunette, heavy load, cum bubbles
http://youporn.com/watch/31897 - brunette, lines of cum
http://youporn.com/watch/10502 - blonde, uncomfortable
http://youporn.com/watch/23878 - blonde, pro
http://youporn.com/watch/40605 - blonde, dripping chin
http://youporn.com/watch/23888 - dirty blonde, huge load, uncomfortable
http://youporn.com/watch/45437 - brunette, young looking
http://youporn.com/watch/4382 - blonde, pro, dripping chin
http://youporn.com/watch/47982 - brunette, huge load
http://youporn.com/watch/23559 - brunette
http://youporn.com/watch/28656 - brunette, uncomfortable,
http://youporn.com/watch/56004 - dirty blonde, light load
http://youporn.com/watch/14995 - brunette, hairshot, clothed
http://youporn.com/watch/63545 - blonde, fake dick
http://youporn.com/watch/15037 - brunette, two cocks,
http://youporn.com/watch/83471 - brunette, sweet tits, fast load
http://youporn.com/watch/81979 - blond, drools out cum, dripping chin
http://youporn.com/watch/44641 - redhead, outdoors
http://youporn.com/watch/16166 - blonde, decent load,
http://youporn.com/watch/14484 - brunette, swallows
http://youporn.com/watch/23889 - redhead, she puts on a hat after
http://youporn.com/watch/10608 - black, hair shot
http://youporn.com/watch/24060 - brunette, nice tits, two dicks, very messy
http://youporn.com/watch/56066 - blonde, light load
http://youporn.com/watch/6942 - brunette, right up the mddle of her face
http://youporn.com/watch/40603 - brunette, old clip, old guy, average
http://youporn.com/watch/30664 - blonde, small tits,
http://youporn.com/watch/56919 - black, huge load, jerks off with panties
http://youporn.com/watch/12907 - brunette, dripping chin, slaps her face with the cock
http://youporn.com/watch/24301 - blonde, chubby, hard to see
http://youporn.com/watch/49412 - blonde, dripping chin
http://youporn.com/watch/4135 - brunette, slo-mo
http://youporn.com/watch/56684 - brunette, nice jiggly tits, reluctant
http://youporn.com/watch/12092 - blonde, reluctant,
http://youporn.com/watch/82361 - blonde, may be a repeat
http://youporn.com/watch/61951 - brunette, small tits, hard to see
http://youporn.com/watch/2745 - brunette,
http://youporn.com/watch/20401 - she looks thai, good coverage
http://youporn.com/watch/49415 - dirty blonde, fake tits,
http://youporn.com/watch/4124 - brunette, messy, tongue
http://youporn.com/watch/49501 - brunette, chubby,
http://youporn.com/watch/199 - brunette, hot girl, decent load, licks it up
http://youporn.com/watch/22894 - brunette, older, he cums all aver her nose
http://youporn.com/watch/30227 - redhead, older, she paints her face with him
http://youporn.com/watch/83044 - blonde, hard to see, but last shor worth it
http://youporn.com/watch/15679 - blonde and brunette, droplets
http://youporn.com/watch/80271 - dirty blonde, very messy, cum licking
http://youporn.com/watch/49423 - brunette, nice body, fountain
http://youporn.com/watch/38591 - brunette, messy n quick
http://youporn.com/watch/47119 - brunette, all in mouth then drooling
http://youporn.com/watch/40348 - dirty blonde, pro
http://youporn.com/watch/65843 - brunette, good stream
http://youporn.com/watch/33540 - brunette, reluctant, fun!
http://youporn.com/watch/56035 - brunette, average
http://youporn.com/watch/44737 - blonde, pretty
http://youporn.com/watch/56103 - blonde, slo-mo, fake dick
http://youporn.com/watch/39695 - blonde, very messy
http://youporn.com/watch/10860 - blonde, nice load
http://youporn.com/watch/65061 - brunette, milf
http://youporn.com/watch/87005 - black, messy,
http://youporn.com/watch/62150 - brunette, young looking, hair,
http://youporn.com/watch/86981 - blonde, 1 spurt
http://youporn.com/watch/4513 - dirty blonde, hair
http://youporn.com/watch/54866 - blonde, it comes out her nose
http://youporn.com/watch/49313 - all mouth
http://youporn.com/watch/49127 - meesy and mouth
http://youporn.com/watch/29408 - brunette, all mouth and swallow
http://youporn.com/watch/47979 - brunette, almost chokes
http://youporn.com/watch/55853 - blonde, all mouth, swallows
http://youporn.com/watch/45273 - brunette, amazing eyes, all mouth, swallow
http://youporn.com/watch/38201 - redhead, very messy, swallows
http://youporn.com/watch/23267 - brunette, relcutat, drooling
http://youporn.com/watch/57100 - brunette, cum drooling
http://youporn.com/watch/36097 - brunette, gotta be Peter North's cock

http://www.youporncocks.com/watch/32727?user_choice=Enter - cumming on a blow up doll

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